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Speaking to Gynaecology & Obstetrics Consultants

I recently spoke at a training event for Gynaecology and Obstetrics Consultants. Due to covid, the event took place online via zoom. I spoke for around an hour detailing my background and experience in various walks of life and the ways in which I have handled some situations in both the sea and others areas. I have spoken at a few medical conferences and I often feel really under qualified to be in such presence but I received a lot of questions in the Q&A session with particular interest in the management of fear and anxiety when facing the unknown, or doing something for the first time. One participant mentioned how they felt anxious and fearful before a particular part of the job and could not find a way to handle it effectively. I found the experience extremely interesting and it shone light on a profession I know little about. These people are Experts, Consultants, Professionals but they too are human like everyone else and face and manage all sorts of fears and emotion in themselves and in others during times of great stress.


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