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A Selection of Productions and Footage

IRELAND TO NAZARE (via Maverick's). Development, Evolution and Innovation of Big Wave Surf Boards.

IRELAND TO NAZARE (via Maverick's). Development, Evolution and Innovation of Big Wave Surf Boards.

A Film about the Development, Evolution and Innovation of Big Wave Surfboards. The film looks at some boards from a collection of over 50 surfboards used between the mid 1990's and early 2020's to ride big waves in Ireland, Nazare, Chile, Lincoln City, Capetown, Madeira, The Canary Islands, Spain, The Basque Country, France and more. It covers the inspiration, the story behind my desire to surf big waves and how I went about getting the right boards under me as my surfing progressed through various stages. Big Wave Paddle in Guns and Tow Boards are both shown. Be sure to check out the captions on the footage and stills for more detail on the boards and the development of rescue and safety gear. All the boards in this film can be seen at The Surfer's House Portrush, Causeway Coast, Ireland, The Nazare Lighthouse Surfer Hall Portugal and The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum Belfast. Surfboards in this film were built by... Circle One Surfboards Rosy Surfboards Pearson Arrow Surfboards Neptune Surfboards Sweit Surfboards Bilt Surfboards JP Surfboards Video and stills in this film are by... Charles McQuillan Aaron Pierce Wilson Ribeiro Tony Canadas Mark Millar Andrew Mennie Kelly Allen Causeway Media Billy McMenamin RAFA RIANCHO (INCLUDING COVER IMAGE) Justin Avery Rory O'Doherty None of this film is offered as advice of any kind. If you enter the sea be sure that you are trained, experienced, capable and have the right equipment suitable for your needs. Surfboards are built for the individual. What suits me, will most likely not suit you, so speak to the shapers mentioned in this film and have the right board built to suit you, your ability and your desires and that way, you will get the most out of your surfing. Thank you for watching.
ESCAPE TO THE WILD DARK SEA.  An Irish Sea Story of Our Times.

ESCAPE TO THE WILD DARK SEA. An Irish Sea Story of Our Times.

Escape to the Wild dark Sea. An Irish Sea Story of Our Times AUDIOBOOK This is the audio version of the print book available at Audio performed by Al Mennie on the Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland. Sound engineered and mastered by Miguel Oliveira in Porto, Portugal. Cover photography by Charles McQuillan Cover design by Sara O’Neill The book is published by Mananan Publishing Ireland The book and the audio version are copyright protected. No use is permitted in any way, any form, any media or other type known today or in the future unless granted by the author, narrator, publisher and copyright owner. All rights reserved. Back Cover Swimming alone at night, through the chaotic Irish winter surf began as a simple escape from the fallout of the pandemic, but became so much more. I ventured into darker, wilder and more isolated waters, finding a new world and perspective on life in the process. As I swam through the waves and currents out there in the darkness, I began to realise the similarities between my actions and our combined efforts in relation to the pandemic. We are all facing head-on into the unknown, swimming through whatever the darkness throws at us. Every one of us is in the same dark waters, but we swim different strokes. The Irish winter of 2020 was harsh and bleak. The cold, dark nights made worse as the claws of the pandemic began to leave a mark on all of us. The water became, and remains, a new-found saviour for many people. A huge swell of dippers and swimmers have also found a new world in our chilly waters. This story is set in the sleepy village of Castlerock, where the tumultuous North Atlantic thrashes the black basalt cliffs on the north coast of the island of Ireland.
Into the Darkness  Al Mennie

Four Part Channel 4 Series
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al mennie, irish times, charles mcquillan
al mennie, the times, charles mcquillan
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