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Speaking Engagments

Al Mennie speaks on Mental Health, Resilience, Confidence, Fear, Bereavement.

Al Mennie is a public speaker with 20 years’ experience. He has spoken to everyone from sports clubs to International Sales Conferences, to Medical Consultants, Businesses, Schools and University Graduates to name but a few.

Al has experience in a lot of fields and speaks of his own life experience. He speaks on a range of topics including fear, to confidence, handling the unknown, self defence and bereavement.  Al is most well known for his big wave surfing exploits but that forms only a small part of who he is.

Al believes that success in any endeavor comes from calculated risk taking, risk management and a dash of stubbornness! It is virtually impossible to capture or imagine the situations in which he has found himself whilst searching for and riding some of the biggest, most dangerous waves on the planet in freezing waters where risk is at a premium. 

Hearing, in his own words, the stories and the recalled missions he has planned and carried out to locations far off the beaten track will literally make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 

​The systems he uses to deal with life threatening situations in pursuit of goals are extremely clear cut and for lack of a better word, ruthless at times. 

Al lost his father at a young age. The experiences he gained through big wave surfing gave him the tools and the nerve to not only handle the loss and grieve but to take on a family business he knew nothing about where it was literally sink or swim.  He has huge experience in adapting both equipment and mindset to deal with less-than-ideal conditions whilst charging after a goal.

He is extremely passionate about helping others who have suffered the loss of a parent. He offers packages to schools with Confident Kris, his children’s book based on the life values of little Kris the viking who has also lost his father.

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