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I have switched to my winter training now for the season ahead (some of that is available at the back of my Unchartered Surf book). I stayed out of the water for quite a while this year due to covid restrictions which meant I probably trained more on dry land than ever before. I normally have a balance of water training mixed with land based training. I have no doubt done a lot more chin ups than paddle strokes for a lot of this year. I also plan to do something slightly different this season. Yes I will continue to pursue surf at all sizes but I have a burning desire to do something in particular this season that I haven't done before. I have been testing myself in a new way over the past few weeks just to see where I am at. I am normally very aware of my ability as I'm very in tune with my body but with this year being far from normal I'm taking a little while to slowly test myself just to be sure.

Update Nov 14 2020 - Over the past two weeks I have stepped up training and to be honest it has proven quite difficult (when I get to the point of being able to say what I'm doing you will understand more). I've had what I suppose are logisitcal problems. Issues that have actually prevented me from training at very short notice. It has been very frustrating but I've managed a way around it now which isn't ideal but it works. I still have some details to iron out but my plan is to start on December 1st 2020.

I will probably next update this again in December with all the info.

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I do pull-ups, but are there any specific exercises to help paddle fitness? Had a shoulder op last year and need to build strength. Thanks.

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