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New Book - RISE

RISE is my 8th book. In this book the story is based on my childhood dream to become a Big Wave Surfer. Inspired by the surfers in Northern California at a location called 'Maverick's", the story begins in the early 1990's on the Irish Causeway Coast in a tiny village where the idea of surfing was fairly unusual, but Big Wave Surfing, was deemed something only possible in Hawaii, not something a little freckly Irish red head should aspire to be doing.

The book is illustrated by Josine Rozenberg who has captured the essence of the story beautifully once again, as she previously did with Billy the Basking Shark.

If you are a kid, or you have a kid with dreams, no matter how 'out there' they may be, believe me, anything is possible. RISE is aimed at you and I hope that it inspires you or your kid to rise and become everything they dream of.


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