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This book is designed to educate young people on the importance of protecting nature and the ocean from pollution. If they learn young how waste affects the wildlife, the sea and ultimately humans then maybe future generations will not have to deal with pollution created by humans clogging the natural environment and all the knock on imapcts that has on the world we live in.


The issue is beach pollution, often left behind by some visitors to the beach, eventually being swept into the surf, by wind and tide. Although it may disappear from view once it is in the does not disappear from the environment. It gets lodged between rocks, stuck in seaweed, it pollutes the water for years. In some parts of the world, the strong tides and surf whisk the rubbish/trash far out to sea often never to be seen again by human eye but it is there, somewhere, ruining the habitats and lives of many other creatures beside ourselves.

This book serves as a simple tool to teach the practice of leaving no trace when we visit the outdoors and dispose of our trash in the best way possible in an attempt to protect the environment and planet for future generations to enjoy.

The sea has provided for me in many ways giving me life, friends, career, roots and hope. I hope that in creating this book that I can give back and allow other people and creatures a chance to enjoy the sea as much as I have been fortunate to do. I know this is not the answer to all forms of water and beach pollution, nor do I believe that the world can be completely green, but hopefully it will help. When I was a child I used to see terrible pollution along the beaches prompting me to call the local council on numerous occasions. I'm sure in the early 90's they did not know what to tell me at that time. But, since then many forms of pollution have improved but others have got worse.

IF US PEOPLE OF THE SEA WON'T STAND UP AND FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR OCEANS, THEN WHO WILL? It is our responsibility to tackle this in whatever way we can.

Thank you to all the Ocean Guardians who continually work to protect our waters.

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