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More Swimmers Promoting the Benefits of the Outdoors During the Pandemic!

January 29 2021

Causeway Coast

Charity AWARE

Swim Distance 1.48km

THANK YOU FOR CONTINUALLY SHARING AND DONATING. Donations now over the £6900 mark!

Picture by Leigh Hawthorne

Last night as I was getting into my soaking wet wetsuit (I left it out to dry but it got soaked). I received a notification that a fellow swimmer on the south coast of England in Paignton had just completed a night swim in tribute to my Swim Through Darkness. Allie Dart and her friends swam round the pier in the dark! These guys are doing 365 swims during daylight for charity. I now know how much energy that takes, to get up every single day despite life and everything that crops up trying to derail the mission. Allie is often swimming with friends and that is a great way to boost everyone's happiness and experience. During the pandemic getting outdoors and getting exercise done is sometimes extremely difficult, these guys are also encouraging people to get theirs in every day. Fair play Allie and friends!

You can check Allie out online at @swimthepierforayear . They have done 98 consecutive swims already! That is seriously good going!

Kev, @stephbrealeywoods , @ria_dart80 , @jeffhughesuk , @sunrider_drones , @terricook_ , @caraswayne @swimthepierforayear

Please if you are reading these blogs, use what I am doing to stay motivated. Keep active, get outdoors if you can and if you cant, open a window at the very least. The outdoors and exercise are great distractions from the world we are living through at the minute. I found a great resource that I think might be of interest to anyone who for some reason maybe cant get outdoors at the minute. Its called BBC Soundscape and you can listen to all sorts of sounds from the outdoors. Take a listen, it might be of use and or help during these times.

Remember to look at yourself and those around you for signs that may be of concern. Here is a link to some of the things to look out for on the AWARE website....

Info - I am swimming a total of 100km through the darkness, in the darkest and coldest months of the year off the North Coast of Ireland. My inspire those who may be struggling in dark times to keep going. I also aim to raise awareness and funds for the depression Charity Aware. We all face dark times in life at some point and it can be extremely overwhelming.

Safety - Please don't think that because I am doing this that you too should do this or something similar. I am very experienced in the sea with knowledge that is only gained through many years of exposure to the sea in all her moods. I have a safety and location system in place including continual contact with people on land every time I swim.


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