• Al Mennie

Deepest Darkest Winter

This season has had a lack of surf for the most part so far but when its been on, its been ON! The Lorenzo storm sent us perfect 20 foot faces, not a drop of water out of place and sunshine to match. TBH it was so perfect it felt easy, not like the usual battle against the elements we have on this island. There have been a few other significant days that I dont have pictures from. I've attached a few pics here from a recent session. Ive been surfing at this spot for about 20 years and ive only ever surfed it with one other person (he knows who he is). The other day both of us surfed with two other friends and we traded waves for a couple of hours. Winter is here and the day started with crisp blue skies, frozen windows and foggy valleys. It ended with heavy cloud cover and torrential rain from 2pm onwards making pictures very hard to capture but Sara managed to get a few.

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