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Get outside more

The month of September was amazing for surf, October unusually not so to date. With our freedom of movement and all sorts of restrictions continually evolving it Is a good idea to make the most of the outdoors. The value in the outdoors is underrated.

When I was growing up all I heard was “if the weather was different here, it would be beautiful” . Forget that attitude, put a coat on, open your eyes, we live on an amazing island in the North Atlantic. So what if you get a bit wet from time to time. If you get outside more often you will realise it doesn’t rain all that much anyway.

Getting outside exposes us to all sorts of experiences and challenges that can strengthen us. Do you think that would be better for your health than sitting on a sofa playing games or examining other people’s lives online? We all have shit going on, a good way to release yourself from it is by spending time outdoors. Get outside, embrace the outdoors and it will embrace you.

Some recent pics from embracing what’s on our door step....


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