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Film Shoot with Hawaiian Ben Ono

I recently worked on a new film about my life here on the north coast of Ireland with amazing photographer and film maker Ben Ono. We don't have a release date yet but here are a few images from the days we were filming....Check out Ben on Instagram he is incredibly skilled. @silkymerman

Al Mennie, Surfing, kinbane head, ireland, ben ono

al mennie, surfer, northern ireland, ben ono, portballintrae

Al Mennie, surfer, ireland, kinbane head, irish, irish man, beard

Al Mennie, surfer, ireland, northern ireland, portballintrae, ben ono, irish man, beard

Al Mennie, Sara O'Neill, Blyton, kinbane head, ireland

Al Mennie, ireland, irish man, red head, beard, irish surfer, irish man, viking, ben ono

al mennie, surfer, ireland, irish surfer, irish man, snugg wetsuits

al mennie, ben ono, irish surfer, surfing ireland

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