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Beach Pollution

Yesterday morning as I walked the beach with my dog Blyton, once again rubbish/trash left behind by visitors clogged the sand dunes and lay strewn around where cars had been parked the day before.

This is the exact reason for writing this new book, Billy the Basking Shark. I hope that in some way someone will learn why it is unhelpful not just for the environment but for us as humans to leave things on the beach for the sea to take in the next big tide. It is not uncommon to came across bbq's, disgarded tents, chairs, food wrappers, bags, coffee cups...the list goes on. All things that there can be little to no reason for being left behind by someone. At most of our beaches we have bins and if not at the entrance to the beach most people have a bin a home. Take it with you and then it stands a chance at being recycled.


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