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Basic Paddle Board Safety Considerations

It is that time of year again that the water is warming up and everyone is escaping to the water at the first chance. Paddle boarding has become extremely popular since the days when I began doing it about 15 years ago when it was unusual to see anyone with a paddle board that I didn't know.

With every passing summer season I see more and more people excited about using their paddle board and it is great to see that so many people now find as much enjoyment in the waters at home as they would have traditionally got from foreign holidays. Lots of people using paddle boards have little to no knowledge of water and so each year I share some pointers on how people could prepare and plan for being on the water.

I hate to come across as the party pooper but every year lots of rescues happen that involve paddle boarders being in difficulty and some of them may have been preventable. I would feel like I was not doing my bit to help prevent those if I didn't share some experience based knowledge. Note all the info in this document is based on preparing BEFORE you enter the water.


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