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Storm Chasing Ophelia

Charles and I hit the road today amid continual phone calls from press asking me where I thought would be hardest hit. Charles was shooting for getty today and I was just along for the ride as I really love wild weather and I wanted to feel this. I was once caught in a tornado in France and I have a crazy story about that (it’s in my first book btw). This storm Ophelia was causing a lot of fear, businesses being closed and people staying home incase it tracked near them. In lots of cases people missed the impact of it as it tracked a different route to what was first predicted but some reports coming in this evening are saying that the southern coast got hit hard and there has been a lot of damage and injury. Charles and I were at St Johns Point in Donegal, an area we know well and so stood out by the lighthouse as the storm moved closer. The wind was trying to blow the Eire 70 stones away 😊There was continual wind and rain but nothing more than a really wild winter storm, it seemed Ophelia had passed by. We went into Killybegs and were chatting to some of the fishermen. All of a sudden the wind went completely still, we must have been in the centre of the storm. The men were unloading a boat while others were getting ready to head back out. There was a crazy glow in the sky and then the wind came back again, stronger than before. An extremely eerie feel came over everything.

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