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Nazare Surfer Wall Honour

I am truly humbled by what happened over the past few weeks. The Mayor and deputy Mayor of Nazare Walter and Carlos invited me to be recognised in their Surfer hall in the 500 year old lighthouse at Nazare. A Big Wave Surfers Hall of Fame at the Biggest Surf Spot in the World. I spent time down there in the early days when Garrett had been invited by the locals and needed someone to work with. He skyped me at the time asking me to go there. I went and in a fairly short space of time between a small crew of us we had ridden jaw dropping waves. One of the days resulted in a world record ridden by Garrett. To be honoured by the people of the local area of any city in the world is an incredible honour but for it to be by Nazare is the best. For me, this is by far the most important recognition, achievement or award in my eyes as it comes from the local people, not a brand, not a competition backed by sponsors and business on the line, its by the people. There are less than 25 of us from around the world recognised in this way and I truly am thankful and honoured. Portugal is somewhere I hold very dear to me as my family spent the best years of our lives there together. It is where I really fell in love with surfing and spent quality time with my parents and brother. It has a very special place in my heart. Thank you Nazare, you have truly touched my soul.

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