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Survive & Thrive Pocket sized paperback book 170 pages

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The impact of losing your mum or dad reaches depths known only to those who swim there. The dark, heavy waters of bereavement have drowned even the toughest of souls. In this book I tell you the story of the challenges I faced after losing my father and how I overcame them. I offer you lots of practical insights and techniques that I developed to endure my loss. Many elements of our support system are suddenly taken from us with the death of a parent. I show you how to connect to the elements of life that matter the most and become resilient to whatever life throws at you. One day I was a young guy, not a care in the world, the next I was thrown into the depths of a man’s world… But I didn’t lose myself, I found who I was and you will too. This book will help you transform your thought process, focussing you on becoming the best version of yourself, helping you Survive and Thrive beyond the loss of your mum or dad. More info on

Survive & Thrive-Guidance to Help Keep You Afloat After the Death of Your Parent

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