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Confident Kris - Overcoming Anxieties with Strength and Confidence


Also available with a female Kris (see shop for details, the story is identical except for the illustrations being a little girl)



This book is written in the words of Confident Kris.

48 pages complete with illustrations by Lilya Martynyuk

A5 size

The book comes with a selection of Motto Cards.  Children can read Kris' various motto's and write their own to carry with them. (extras are available)


The book also comes with Kris' little Black Book of Affirmations with 12 blank pages for the child to fill.


Children of various ages have read the book but it is believed to be best suited for 7 years through to early teens.  Even parents have gained knowledge from the book.


Kris is a very experienced child.  That experience has lead to great self belief, confidence and ability despite having several personal and emotional challenges in life.  Identity oozes from Kris.  Kris has very specific ways to develop as a person and experience as many wonderful things in life as possible even when it gets scary.  Kris recognises fears and anxieites in all walks of life but knows and shows how to handle them so that they never prevent achievements or opportunities.  





Back Cover

I AM STRONG, I AM CONFIDENT, are the words I live by.  But they are more than just words to me!  It takes more than a few words to truly feel strong and confident. 


I am an only child to my widowed Mum.  We are a team, I look after her and she looks after me.  We live a wonderful life in the forest by the sea on the North Coast of Ireland.


I explain how with just a few minutes every day I earn STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE and use them to conquer fears, worries, bullies, gain knowledge, mental and physical fitness and share kindness. 

Strength and Confidence open my life up to countless opportunities and experiences I may not have gained otherwise.


Life can be tough, but I am tougher. I live life by my own motto I AM KRIS THE VIKING, I AM STRONG, I AM CONFIDENT!




Confident Kris. Overcoming Anxieties with Strength and Confidence by Al Mennie

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