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I have been writing books since 2008. I have also written short stories and contributed to publications in books, magazines etc across the world a lot too. Only a few years ago did I realise that I have written all my life. I would sit in the evenings as a kid and write and play my guitar. I didn't ever have much interest in TV or popular culture but I did like to write and make music. Although I'm neither a great writer or a guitar player I have found that they tend to be where my own creativity comes out. I like the process of retelling experiences I've had in life so far. I dislike the editing process. I find writing and reguritating stories relatively easy but the editing process is mind numbing and relentless and never ending. I'm lucky to have some friends and professionals to hand to help with it but ultimately I still have to go through hunting for mistakes in spelling etc myself. Pretty much everything comes to a standstill during that process and I disappear until it is complete. Long nights are spent going through hunting for mistakes even after others have been through it.

Just this week I have come out of that tunnel and have produced another body of writing which will be available soon.

I am often asked why I don't sell print books on other platforms or shops. I have various reasons for it that I have worked out over the years that suit me best but I do ship worldwide every day so order and it will arrive with you.

I post all the books myself, and print them close to home. They aren't sitting in a warehouse, they are sitting in my home where I wrote them. Some of my writing is available to download if you prefer to read that way and a few recordings in audio are also available too.

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