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Ulster Museum Surfing Exhibition

The Ulster Museum in Cultra, Belfast, Northern Ireland has curated an exhibition called "Celtic Wave". The exhibition is based on the history of Irish Surfing. There are lots of things to see and do there including items and photographs from decades ago from all over Ireland.

A simulator has been created where visitors can sit on a jet ski and tow me using a rope onto a big wave off the west coast of Ireland at St Johns Point.

Some footage and photographs capture Irish surfing in many of its eras to date.

My helmet that saved the day when I fell on a giant wave at Mullaghmore Head Co. Sligo in 2007. The helmet took such an impact that it cracked whilst I was under water. Image by Tides Surf Magazine.

The wave that I fell on at Mullaghmore Head and broke the helmet (pictured above). Picture by Aaron Pierce.

Standing with Clare Ablett Curator, in front of a replica surfboard of an original Rosy Gun made for me by Rosy Harkin 2008.

Me riding the original Rosy Gun 10'8" at an offshore reef in north Donegal 2018 ten years after it was made in Co. Derry. Photograph by Charles McQuillan.

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