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The Northern Lights visible from the Causeway Coast

The Northern Lights

As if we don’t live in a magical part of the world as it is with waterfalls, long beaches, broad horizons and amazing surf. The Northern Lights decided to put on a show on Sunday night. I had been working outside and sat down for a second on my chair beside Blyton. He was sitting upright and not lying down looking for a scratch as usual. It felt like he was telling me to not bother looking at your phone so I set it down. He kept looking at me so I leaned over and gave him a hug. In doing so something caught my eye in the sky. Four little sections of sky looked abnormal. The sky was black and the only sound was the surf breaking on the nearshore sandbanks. I shouted into Sara who was working in her office to come and look at this. She reluctantly put her work down and as she walked out I said I think thats the Northern Lights. We all scarpered out of the house heading for the beach to get away from the village lights. Sure enough the sky began to change colour, the lights grew across the sky above the horizon. It was a magical experience. We are 55degrees north and to see them so clearly for about an hour with no cloud cover is definitely a first in my lifetime. It was so clear that it was possible to take a few pictures of it but to spend time taking it all in. I saw one car pull up with a lady in her dressing gown who stopped to watch the sky for a while too.

Al and Blyton Northern Lights

Sara O'Neill Northern Lights

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