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Stop Pollution of our Waters!


Contact @surfersagainstsewageni on instagram for more info.

When I was a little boy, pollution used to be really bad along the beaches that I surfed. A few times I even called my local council to tell them about the number of sanitary towels lying along the tide line. I'm sure they did not know what to do with me! In fact they maybe had no idea the pollution was that bad. Thankfully those days are long gone and my local sea and beach is much cleaner than back then! But, that is not always the case in all locations and in fact some laws are leading to more pollution than ever before in certain places.

I was probably 11 years old when I joined Surfers Against Sewage. A movement in Cornwall that were opposing pollution of the beaches. They weren't even doing anything on the beaches where I lived but I felt compelled to be part of it as a young surfer. I have been involved recently with research into the pollution caused by micro plastics too in a nationwide survey.

The sea has given me a lot in life in many different ways and I can see how beneficial a life in the sea is to people, so it needs protecting. Not just for us humans, but for the wildlife that thrives within it.

Unfortunately the need for more awareness of the pollution issue is growing and that is the reason for this post.

Local girl, Aine McCauley, here is a representative for Surfers Against Sewage who are now present all over the UK and Ireland.

They are organising an event this week and if you can show your support they would greatly appreciate it.

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