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Speaking at Queens University Belfast N.I.

I spoke at Queens Belfast last week to graduates. I have to say out of all the talks I've done over the past 15 years this was without doubt my worst performance to date. I was speaking on a subject I havent spoken about before so preperation was quite difficult and I found it difficult to get into the talk on the night. However in saying that I have never had so many questions from an audience. There was a lot of interest in what I have done with my life and how I've handled some crazy situations along the way. People know me for my surfing, images etc but in this talk I allowed the audience to see behind the scenes of the images and video and see what it has really taken to get ahead in various walks of life. One of the things I preach to people who ask me for advice is to flex all their skills and by that I mean diversify but that doesnt mean water down your commitment to everything and spread it thinly. Quite the opposite, work hard at everything, take everything to the extreme, if there's no one going with you go alone, cut traitors, leaches, copy cats and anyone in your way out. A few good men (or women) around you is all you need, until you find them, go alone.

This talk was called "By Whatever Means Necessary"

pictures by Leigh Hawthorne

As a side note, I am regularly asked to speak at events but because I have several other commitments and projects I choose only a few speaking engagements a year. All bookings please contact my agent Style Academy Belfast.

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