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Get outside into the Natural World.

The dark mornings, the early setting sun and the lowly lit days can all be difficult this time of year for lots of us. Sometimes, we don't even realise it, but it can have a huge impact on us all. If you can get some time outside each day, I personally believe, it will make some difference to most peoples outlook and mindset. Obviously, not all of us can find the time out of other commitments to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise to destress but if at all possible, do it.

If you are reading this you might find having a flick through the blog posts on my other site of use to you. The site linked here is from a project I undertook to raise awareness of mental health struggles in ourselves and those around us all during the pandemic. I wrote a blog most days...

Another couple of resources that you may find of use....

This is a course for Adults but there is also one for young people on the same page.

This is a link to a BBC resource that I think started in lockdown providing music and sounds to help with all sorts of things.

If getting outdoors is not at all possible then a simple trick to escape for a few moments is to simply observe the sky. It is the one element of the natural world that we can all see from virtually anywhere. Just spend a few moments watching it move, change colour, the clouds, the light, the time pass, breathe.

Connecting to the outdoors is one of the most powerful ways of disconnecting from the stresses of daily life.

Photo by Charles McQuillan

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