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Confident Kris Covid-19 Mental Health Daily Ritual's

If you recently had to leave work, school or self isolate then the loss of structure and habit from daily life could be responsible for you feeling a little low or unorganised.

This is a chapter from my book that I wrote last year titled Confident Kris. I wrote this chapter to give structure, direction and appreciation to life for kids but adults appear to get as much if not more from it. There are kids chanting Kris' motto everyday before school and hopefully they will continue to do so at home. These are Confident Kris' Daily Ritual's to keep strong, confident and ready for anything no matter what comes with life.

I think in these times, people all over the world, if they are up to it, could benefit from adopting some if not all of these rituals every day to help keep them from slipping into a dark place. These will only take a few minutes of your time so get them done every single day, do them on your own, as a family or whatever way you want but I hope they will help keep you grounded and focussed through whatever is coming our way. As Confident Kris says "Life is Tough so I must be Tougher" #iamstrongiamconfident

Mindset is very important right now for us as individuals and as a population, look after yourself and those around you who need a hand.

Remember no matter where we live or where we are required to be for the time being we can always see the sky, it is our constant connection to the natural world, observe it daily.

I live in Ireland and today I have started to place free books out and about the beaches and forests that I visit so if you find one feel free to keep it and use it.

Every little helps, do a little regularly.

These are the words of Confident Kris...

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