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Castlerock Rescue

Just a note to say thank you to everyone who has been tweeting etc and sending me messages about the rescue yesterday. I’m glad I was in the area at the time particularly because the stretch of water the two people were in is where I have surfed the most over the past 30 odd years.

I saw someone go out to them and attempt a rescue but they retreated. The rip was strong infact even the big sets of waves would not wash them ashore. I quickly put a wetsuit on, grabbed a board and ran down the beach.

Sometimes we get lulls between sets which can result in swimmers being moved further out than they may have planned. My guess is this is what happened yesterday.

I got through the surf and took the little girl first. I put her on my board and rode a wave all the way to shore. I then went back out for her big brother. This took a little longer but thankfully I got him back to shore too.

A man was boogie boarding nearby and he made it known to me that he was there as back up.

Once again thank you for all your kind words. What I did was nothing more than an experienced capable person in any other field doing what they know how to. I’m just glad it was me as I know that particular part of the coast very well.



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