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New Book - Confident Kris (Overcoming Anxieties with Strength and Confidence)

Confident kris. Overcoming Anxieties with Strength and Confidence. By Al Mennie

My latest book, Confident Kris, will be available shortly. This book is the first in a kids book series based on the life of a little viking child called Kris. Kris is an only child with a single parent Mother.

Kris comes from Norway but lives on the North Coast of Ireland.

"I am Strong, I am Confident" are the words Kris Lives by. Kris has developed daily rituals to carry out to make sure that developing strength and confidence are a priority in life.

Kris tells how specific fears (such as Bullies) are handled and how using discipline to develop strength and confidence are the key to overcoming fears and anxieties and ultimately provide opportunity and great experiences in life.

Kris lives by a series of ancient guidelines.

Kris believes in motto's and affirmations and uses them daily!

This is only the bare bones of the book, there is a lot more depth which will become clear when Confident kris is released.

Confident kris is available in both male and female versions. The story is identical, the illustrations are slightly different.

Stay tuned and follow @confidentkrisbooks on instagram or my own social channels for updates. Al

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