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New book first draft complete

Complete by xmas Ive just finished the book! Well the first draft anyway. Becky, Sam and Graham are currently proofing it before it goes to be professionally proofed. I had a deadline for the end of the month and Ive done it. In previous experience though, this is where the hard bit comes in, trawling it for mistakes and reading it over and over again to the point that I become blind to it. I expect this phase could take another 3 months to be honest. Ive decided im not going to use jaw dropping images of me surfing huge waves throughout it like my last one, I want people to read this book for a very good reason not be totally wowed by the pictures. I have a few amazing potential cover images in mind though there is one in particular im really hoping to use or at least one from this particular photographer over everyone else. The reason being that he is a really down to earth, solid guy. I will do a separate post on the choice over soon! Stay tuned.

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