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Kristofer Hivju Stunt Double

Ive just returned from Norway where I was stunt doubling for Kristofer Hivju in his new TV Series TWIN. Its been an unbelievable journey to this point. Everyday I get mistaken for him in particular his Game of Thrones Character Thormund. To be asked to do stunt work for him and to spend time with him and his lovely wife Gry has been incredible. Wonderful down to earth people. I grew my beard and hair long over the past few months to allow the hair and make up crew some room to sculpt me to look as closely like him as possible. It was pretty cool and I got to meet some great cast and crew as well as an amazing time in the Arctic Circle at Unstad. The water crew were amazing nailing shots with humungous cinema cameras. Unreal work by them! Check out Unstad Arctic Surf, Tommy and his family have a great place there embracing the wilds with all their heart. I will update more here on TWIN in due course.

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