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Krav Maga Instructor Promotion

krav maga Glyn Ashton and Al Mennie

Today I was honoured by my Krav Chief Instructor Glyn Ashton and all in his club with a promotion to the highest level of anyone in Ireland under Glyn to Master Krav Maga Instructor. It is a complete honour. Krav is something I have really enjoyed over the years, I took to it very naturally possibly from my understanding of body mechanics from surfing. Its been 10 years since I started, and I now have a third-degree Black belt. Krav is one thing I really believe has been extremely good for me, its opened lots of doors and given me opportunities, skills and confidence in all sorts of ways. Being able to pass on knowledge and skills to others is extremely rewarding and I’m very proud of all I have taught especially those that have used their skills to protect themselves and those around them.

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