Al Mennie is far from the stereotypical surf bum image which so often plagues surfing.  Al believes that where every other sport on the planet has benefited from technological advancements in equipment design and athlete management, surfing and in particular big wave surfing has a long way to go.

In 2003 Al enlisted the University of Ulster Oceanography and Marine Science Department to help him discover, locate and ride huge undiscovered, uncharted waves off the Irish Coastline.  Al has access to information on levels beyond the public domain.  He has a library of nautical charts with big wave locations only he knows about and only he has been brave enough to tackle in some of the most dangerous waters in the world.


In 2015 Al began a relationship with World leaders Statsports who monitor and manage athletes all over the world. 


Al and Statsports scientists developed a way to measure the impacts Al deals with on a daily basis in the surf.  The results are truly breath taking.  Al is regularly dealing with 12 G’s on his body and being hit with equivalent impacts found in car crashes at 70mph.  He takes more hits in one big wave surf session than 30 players on a rugby field take in a game, combined!

National Television Channel, Channel 4, commissioned a series which followed Al and his pioneering of technology within the big wave world.  You can watch some of it in this short clip…

Al is paving a new path of discovery in the world of fitness and training specifically for serious situations at sea with World Natural Body Building Champion and Sports Scientist Richard Robinson.  Together they have developed the worlds most specific and effective training program for big wave surfing.  Their combined knowledge and education has lead to disaster simulations in a controlled environment which produces extremely positive results in both fitness and mindset when transferred into the ocean. 


You can see some of this training in the following clip…

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