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Al and His Team Persevere Through a Wild Sea to Ride Monster Waves over an Offshore Seamount Off the North West Coast of Ireland.


Part of - Tales Upon The High Seas - Short Story Adventure Series by Al Mennie


Conditions turn against Al and his team as they are faced with huge swell, wild wind, hypothermia setting in and engine failure far off the coast of Ireland.


(approx 5800 words)


Upon completion of the purchase you will find a link on the Thank You page (usually towards the bottom).  Click that click and the book will download to your device.  The document is in epub format and will normally save directly to your digital reader such as iBooks on Apple devices and the various other default apps on Androids etc.  You will be able to alter text size, background colour etc as normal in an epub reader.




HELL AND HIGH WATER - Short Story Adventure Series by Al Mennie

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