Basic Self Protection Course

4hrs taught over three different sessions

Certificate upon Completion.

Private Course, 1-1 tuition plus up to two friends may attend free.


  • Teaching the basics of situational awareness, alertness, avoiding confrontation, some basic escape techniques from various holds and grabs etc
  • The Course is designed to instil a realistic awareness of potential threatening and confrontational situations and how to avoid them and retreat from them where possible.   
  • The course aims to sharpen the individuals perception of and reaction to dynamic threats and confrontational situations using a combination of negotiation, awareness, potential for escape and hand to hand combat skills


Topics discussed

  • Situational awareness and escape in public places, places you frequent, vehicles and at home. 
  • Basic escape manoeuvres from a range of common grabs and holds.
  • Dealing with both improvised weapons and real weapons
  • Pre-emptive Srikes
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Protection and Defence of others


Who takes this course?

All sorts of people from all walks of life.

Men, women, families, groups of friends.  Cleaners, taxi drivers, shop keepers, business owners, high net worth individuals, receptionists, dog walkers, models, make up artists, bodyguards, doormen, military and police officers....


Al took Karate as a child and since 2008 has trained in Krav Maga under Irelands most elite Krav Maga and Self defence Instructor Glyn Ashton among others.  Al holds a third Degree Black Belt and holds a Master Instructor Position at Krav Maga NI / Vault Defence.  Al has operated as a Close Protection Officer.

Basic Self Protection COURSE

  • Location

    Causeway Coast, Ireland.