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Swim Through Darkness Documentary

It has been 10 days since I completed Swim Through Darkness. I have to say it has been a very strange time. I was in a routine every day and night for three months that suddenly came to a halt. As much as I've wanted to swim again and surf I've been using the time to recover. My body clearly saw the opportunity and decided to take a rest. I hauled a fishing net up the beach yesterday out of the water and that was probably the first bit of exercise I have done since. Once I finish this recovery period I plan to get back into the sea in all sorts of ways.

This post is just to show everyone that has been following along the trailer for the documentary Swim Through Darkness. I was lucky to have lots of amazing people want to cover the story and help get funds and awareness raised. Two brothers I worked with on an advertising campaign last year wanted to get involved and it has been amazing. They are such pros and have really immersed themselves in the swim in order to get the real story. Ice and snow on the beach did not deter them and they joined me in the black north Atlantic on several occasions to capture the reality of what I was doing out there. That in fact really opened my eyes because all of a sudden I was aware that even if they were a few feet away from me I could not see them, they disappeared into the darkness and chaotic seas. No wonder my friends did not want me to do this swim alone and made sure someone was always on the beach!

One of the most difficult things to do was to capture what I was doing to then show everyone. Cameras need light, and I was swimming in the dark! So, it hasn't been easy to capture but I believe Joel and Nathan have managed it. I hope that this trailer and the documentary continue to raise awareness and funds for Aware. The total is currently over £16,500! Donations are still coming in most days!

Have a look...

Swim Through Darkness documentary trailer created and produced by Joel and Nathan Somerville

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