Nazare, Portugal

I spent a lot of time at Nazare, Portugal over the space of I think 3 years.  It is a serious, unique place.  I rode some huge waves and was one of four men in the water the day a world record wave was ridden by American Garrett McNamara.  This is a collection of some images from those winters there.  All images by Wilson Ribeiro.

A chapter in my new book Overcome or Succumb tells the story of this record breaking day.

UPDATE 29/05/2018....

I have been fortunate enough to have been recognised alongside 20 other international surfers by the Municpality of Nazare by being invited to display my surfboard on the walls of their historic fortified lighthouse.  I see this as my most significant accolade as it comes directly from the local people of Nazare.  Thank you.  The people of Nazare are world leaders in their approach to the support of big wave surfing.  Lets hope a local can ride the biggest wave in the world at Nazare soon!

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